iRacing X9GT Rally

This is iRacing X9GT Rally Engine.
Produced by Novarossi, the engines are built to meet iRacing’s specifications.

Its crankshaft is diameter 14,50mm. Its sleeve is endowed with 9 ports and the piston made with an alloy of aluminum-silicon.
The sleeve with 9 ports was selected to best performance and quality without other concession.
The iRacing X9GT is endowed with high-speed main bearing.
This engine is intended for the 1/8 GT/Rally car.


Crankcase in the iRacing X9GT, have been updated and made more rigidity and improved internal fluid dynamics.

Cooling head

The cooling heads of the iRacing X9GT engines are big version for improved heat dissipation under GT bodyshells.

9 Ports ABC Piston Sleeve

The sleeve has 9 transfer ports and an exhaust with booster ports.
The special shape and positioning of the ports, covered by a patent, improve the internal fluid-dynamics to obtain the maximum possible performance.

Crankshaft TURBO

The crankshaft is grinded to increase the mixture flow and has a special shape to reduce turbulences inside the crankcase.
The balancing is done by two inserts made of tungsten alloy and the inlet has a silicon filling to reduce the weight of the crankshaft to improve acceleration.
The ball bearing was lowered to 5mm.
The front part was extended to improve the seal against fuel leaking.

High Speed Rear ball bearing:

The rear ball bearing has high quality sttel balls to minimize wear and inertia to improve acceleration and fuel consumption.

Front ball bearing:

The iRacing X9GT engine mounting the new front bearing 5mm

Technical Data

C.Capacity : 3,49 cc
Power: 39.100 Rpm
Range: 6.000 : 46.300 Rpm
Bore : 16,25 mm
Stroke : 16,80 mm
Ports : 9
Crankshaft : ø 14,50 mm
carburettor : ø 9mm metal + reducer
Glow: Turbo
Main Bearing : High Speed
Weight: 356 gr