Mario Spiniello joins BMT

BMT announced the signing Mario Spiniello to their team for the 2017 season as their top driver. The 2016 Italian Champion in the 1/10th scale class as well as runner up at the 2012 European Championships, have plans to attend at all major 1/10th on-road events, such as the national champion, the ENS and the Euros.


New Optional for BMT701

BMT have introduced new optional parts for the 701 1/10th 200mm nitro on-road car. First up is the Evo2 front shock tower. The part is made from high-quality carbon fibre and it offers updated and optimised shock mounting positions. Also new are 2.2mm and 2.4mm front and rear anti-roll bars. The optional wires allow for finer adjustment steps.
code parts:
PA7093-1 Front Shock Mount
PA7141-2.2 Front Anti-Roll Bar 2.2mm
PA7141-2.4 Front Anti-Roll Bar 2.4mm
PA7142-2.2 BMT 701 Rear Anti-Roll Bar 2.2mm
PA7142-2.4 BMT 701 Rear Anti-Roll Bar 2.4mm


BMT 016GT Avaible Soon

BMT 016GT 1/8th scale nitro GT kit. The follow-up model of the 011Evo will hit the stores at the end of this year with more information and images will becoming available in time for the release.


BMT 984 Evo 1/8th nitro on-road kit

BMT launch a new version full optional of 1/8 On/Road Car.

Based on new EVO Chassis, the kit include all optional parts produced.

PA0089-1 Adjustable Servo Saver
PA0104H Hard Rear Hub
PA0106H Hard Rear Wheel Axle
PA0129-2 EVO Chassis
PA0189LH Hard Steering Block Left
PA0189RH Hard Steering Block Right
PA0194H Hard Front Wheel Axle (2pcs)
PA0203-1 Front Shock Mount “Narrow”
PA0204-1 Upper Deck “Closed”
PA0234A Aluminium Clutch Bell

New Optional for BMT701

BMT have introduced new optional parts for their 701 1/10th scale 200mm nitro on-road kit. First up is a Nickel-plated aluminium clutch bell. Scrubbing a good amount of weight, with the original steel part weighing in at 10g and the alloy part being 6g lighter, using the part makes for reduced rotational mass which equals faster acceleration and thus improved on-track performance. Also new is the yellow colour high-grip clutch shoe. The part makes for a more crisp clutch engagement.



Avaible Now the BMT 701

Avaible Now the BMT 701

BMT 984 Evo Chassis & new anti-roll bar wires

New Parts for BMT984 1/8th on-road car.

Are the Evo chassis and several front anti-roll bar wires. Starting with the chassis, the main plate is machined from high-quality aluminium and it makes use of a new front suspension geometry, improving steering in both low and high speed corners and it also utilises a new battery plate position for an optimised weight balance. As for the three front anti-roll bar wires, they are available in 2.0mm, 2.3mm and 2.5mm diameter and help to fine-tune the roll characteristics of the chassis.
Code Chassis EVO : PA129-2
Code Front Anti-Roll Bar 2.0mm : PA0283
Code Front Anti-Roll Bar 2.3mm : PA0284
Code Front Anti-Roll Bar 2.5mm : PA0285