Novarossi Trophy

Daniele Agostinelli with BMT701 take 2nd position at Novarossi Trophy.
The race was held in 5Colli – Gubbio track

New Optional for BMT701

New Optional for BMT701
PA7161-21 Clutch Pinion Gear 21T
PA7161-23 Clutch Pinion Gear 23T
PA7162-15 Clutch Pinion Gear 15T
PA7162-16 Clutch Pinion Gear 16T


New Tools BMT

New Tools BMT
1) Set Hexagon Wrench Set 1.5/2.0/2.5/3.0mm RS Handle
2) 8.0mm, 10mm Dual Socket Wrench & 5.0mm Hexagon Wrench
3) Turnbuckle Tools set M3, M4 & M5




New Optional for BMT984 & BMT701

New Optional for #BMT984 & #BMT701
BMT have introduced new optional damper piston with 1, 3, 4, and 6 hole.
The optional damper piston allow for finer adjustment steps.
code parts:
PA0035-1 Shock Piston 1 hole
PA0035-3 Shock Piston 3 hole
PA0035-4 Shock Piston 4 hole
PA0035-6 Shock Piston 6 hole


Mario Spiniello joins BMT

BMT announced the signing Mario Spiniello to their team for the 2017 season as their top driver. The 2016 Italian Champion in the 1/10th scale class as well as runner up at the 2012 European Championships, have plans to attend at all major 1/10th on-road events, such as the national champion, the ENS and the Euros.


New Optional for BMT701

BMT have introduced new optional parts for the 701 1/10th 200mm nitro on-road car. First up is the Evo2 front shock tower. The part is made from high-quality carbon fibre and it offers updated and optimised shock mounting positions. Also new are 2.2mm and 2.4mm front and rear anti-roll bars. The optional wires allow for finer adjustment steps.
code parts:
PA7093-1 Front Shock Mount
PA7141-2.2 Front Anti-Roll Bar 2.2mm
PA7141-2.4 Front Anti-Roll Bar 2.4mm
PA7142-2.2 BMT 701 Rear Anti-Roll Bar 2.2mm
PA7142-2.4 BMT 701 Rear Anti-Roll Bar 2.4mm


BMT 016GT Avaible Soon

BMT 016GT 1/8th scale nitro GT kit. The follow-up model of the 011Evo will hit the stores at the end of this year with more information and images will becoming available in time for the release.


BMT 984 Evo 1/8th nitro on-road kit

BMT launch a new version full optional of 1/8 On/Road Car.

Based on new EVO Chassis, the kit include all optional parts produced.

PA0089-1 Adjustable Servo Saver
PA0104H Hard Rear Hub
PA0106H Hard Rear Wheel Axle
PA0129-2 EVO Chassis
PA0189LH Hard Steering Block Left
PA0189RH Hard Steering Block Right
PA0194H Hard Front Wheel Axle (2pcs)
PA0203-1 Front Shock Mount “Narrow”
PA0204-1 Upper Deck “Closed”
PA0234A Aluminium Clutch Bell