Mario Spiniello Win a Italian Manufacturers Championship Gubbio!!!

Mario Spiniello Win a Italian Manufacturers Championship Gubbio!!!

The A-Main saw the win of BMT’s Mario Spiniello at the end of an intense battle with Daniele Ielasi, the latter trying to complete the 45 minutes without changing tires but eventually running out of foam on his rims to be passed by Mario in the penultimate lap.

Final Result:

A Main:
1St) Mario Spiniello BMT

B Main:
2Nd) Alessio Agostinelli

C Main:
2Nd) Simone Cannoni

D Main:
1St) Luca Manosperta

New Wheel Hub for BMT701

New optional for BMT701
Wheel hubs offset -0.75mm and +0.75mm versions

Code parts:
PA7171 Wheel hubs offset -0.75mm
PA7172 Wheel hubs offset +0.75mm



New Brass Battery plate

New Brass Battery plate it can be used to fine tune the car’s balance, or add a weight if of need.
The weight is 50gr. If possible use this, on BMT984, BMT701, BMT016GT and BMT011

Code of parts is:


New steering block lever for BMT984

New carbon fibre steering block lever for the 984 1/8th on-road car. The updated geometry will lead to an easier to drive car while also offering improved overall steering. The part is a direct fit and it features two mounting positions for the outer steering link ball stud.

Code Part: PA0270 Steering Block Plate EVO


New set Orange Hard Belt Pulleys

New set of hard belt pulleys for the 701 on-road kit. Made from an orange colour composite material and harder than the stock parts, the items are best used in high temperature conditions and when the traction is high. Included are also differential cases with all parts are also being available separately.


New hard suspension arm set for the 701

New hard suspension arm set for the 701 1/10th 200mm touring car. Moulded from a harder compound the arms offer increased stiffness which results in improved handling and precision when running in high grip and/or high temperature conditions.

PA7067H BMT 701 Rear Lower Arm HARD
PA7104HBMT 701 Front Upper Arm HARD
PA7105H BMT 701 Front Lower Arm HARD


Toni Santana Joins Team BMT

Toni Santana Joins Team BMT.
The European and Spanish Champion race with BMT 016GT in all major events such as the national championship, and the Euro championship.