BMT 701 rear aluminium dog bone driveshafts

New rear aluminium driveshaft dog bones for the 701 1/10th nitro on-road car. They are machined from high-quality alloy and come hard anodised for wear. The driveshafts weigh in at 3.4g each versus 5.5g for the original steel parts, scrubbing rotational mass for improved acceleration and brake performance.


BMT 701 & BMT 984 hard-coated aluminium pivot balls

New set of hard-coated aluminium pivot balls for the front/rear suspension of the 984 and 701 kits. The parts are precisely machined from high-quality aluminium, they come hard-anodised for wear and a smooth surface and at 1.3g they weigh in at only 1/3 of the mass of the standard steel balls.

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BMT 701 New Evo Chassis

Evo aluminium main chassis plate for the 701 1/10th 200mm nitro on-road car.
The chassis is 1mm larger and it features a stiffer rear area and smaller openings under the engine section for optimised flex characteristics.
The updates will result in improved stability and increased corner speeds.

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BMT 984 hard compound suspension arm set

BMT 984 hard compound suspension arm set
New hard suspension arm set for the 984 1/8th on/road car. Moulded from a harder compound the arms offer increased stiffness which results in improved handling and precision when running in high grip and/or high temperature conditions.

Code Parts:
PA0175H Front Lower Arm HARD
PA0119H Rear Lower Arm HARD
PA0187H Front Upper Arm HARD
PA0123H Rear Upper Arm HARD

Mario Spiniello Win a Rd3 Italian 1/10 Championship Gubbio!!!

Mario Spiniello Win a Rd3 Italian 1/10 Championship Gubbio!!!

Another great result for the BMT driver, all race 2017 on podium!

Final Result:
Expert Class:
1St) Mario Spiniello BMT
F1 Class:
2Nd) Matteo Menichetti

BMT 984 New Rear Shock Tower

BMT 984 New Rear Shock Tower

The new tower have a new position for mounting the rear shock absorbers. Made from high quality carbon fibre, the way in which the tower is mounted to the bulkhead helps provide more flex to the rear assembly thus helping to provide more traction.

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