AMSCI Italian Championship 1/8 GT “Barchetta” Palermo

The Italian GT Championship with the new category “Barchetta” were held at the Palermo, with a good number of drivers.
In F1 Category, Andrea Catanzani , took TQ, fast lap, and final victory.

In the Expert category, Fabio Boero starts with the number 2, and manages to easily conquer the 2 final position.

Final results:

Final Expert:
1) Rosario Giaimo
2) Fabio Boero (BMT 016)
3) Natanaele Senesi

Final F1:
1) Andrea Catanzani (BMT 016)
2) Piero Lucifora
3) Mirko Vespa

New Evo3 chassis for the 984

New Evo3 aluminium main chassis plate for their 984 1/8th scale on-road kit. The chassis is machined from a different alloy material than the previous plates, making for different flex characteristics and thus improved traction. An updated front section shape and removable insert will increase front end rigidity and the item comes black anodised and it is a direct fit on the 984 Evo kit.

BMT shock & differential fluids

BMT introduced their new range of shock and gear differential fluids. Manufactured and bottled in Europe the pure silicone oils are calibrated to ensure consistency from batch to batch and they come in convenient 80ml bottles as 300cps to 1,000cps shock and 1,200cps to 2.000.000cps diff fluids.

Mario Spiniello Win a Rd1 Italian 1/10 Championship Giardini Naxos

Mario Spiniello Win a Rd1 Italian 1/10 Championship Giardini Naxos

how the championship ended last year, so it starts for the BMT rider, with a well deserved victory!
Since the first day of the race, Mario was among the fastest, despite the short time to shoot, due to bad weather.
Small traffic problems in qualifying did not allow him to get the pole, but in the main, with a careful race he managed to bring his BMT701 on the top step of the podium.

Final Result:
Expert Class:
1St) Mario Spiniello BMT
F2 Class:
3rd) Mario Falleroni

iRacing M10 Body 1/10 200mm Touring

New iRacing M10 body shell for 1/10th 200mm nitro touring cars.
Specially developed side flaps along the lower window line will improve downforce while the front end shape makes for increased steering response, all without hampering corner speed and straight line stability.
The lid is available in standard 1.0mm and lightweight 0.7mm variants.
Included decals and window mask.

iRacing R18 Body 1/8 On/Road

iRacing R18 Body 1/8 On/Road
The new version of the popular R18 an updated front section and cockpit shape for increased steering and higher top speed.
The lid is available in standard 1.0mm and lightweight 0.7mm variants, it comes clear and fits most 1/8th on-road kits.

BMT 701 rear aluminium dog bone driveshafts

New rear aluminium driveshaft dog bones for the 701 1/10th nitro on-road car. They are machined from high-quality alloy and come hard anodised for wear. The driveshafts weigh in at 3.4g each versus 5.5g for the original steel parts, scrubbing rotational mass for improved acceleration and brake performance.


BMT 701 & BMT 984 hard-coated aluminium pivot balls

New set of hard-coated aluminium pivot balls for the front/rear suspension of the 984 and 701 kits. The parts are precisely machined from high-quality aluminium, they come hard-anodised for wear and a smooth surface and at 1.3g they weigh in at only 1/3 of the mass of the standard steel balls.

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