BMT snapback hats

New BMT snapback caps with embroidered logo. They are of a retro-style design with rear size adjuster and will hit stores in black/grey, black/yellow and black/blue colours while the logo comes in BMT’s signature yellow and black colours.

BMT 016GT New SPECIAL Brake Pad

New special brake pads for the 016GT 1/8th GT car.
The pads are cladded with genuine Ferodo material as known from full scale cars, meaning they will offer greatly improved stopping performance and durability.

Code Part: BMT.1249

2 Round Italian Championship UISP 1/8 GT & SGT Monza

the 2nd round of the Italian GT championship took place on the square of the Monza racetrack, with a good turnout of the drivers, around 56.

Since qualifying the rider BMT, Federico Lazzerini, took the pole position both in the GT category and in the SGT F1 category. Result that also confirms in the final stages winning with a few rounds of advantage.

Final results:

Final GT F1:
1) Lazzerini Federico (BMT 016)
2) Ghidoni Riccardo
3) Biancardi Filippo

Final SGT F1:
1) Lazzerini Federico (BMT 016)
2) Stukul Daniele
3) Pizzagalli Diego

BMT984 new Front hard-anodised aluminium wheel axles

BMT984 new Front hard-anodised aluminium wheel axles.
The 7075 alloy wheel axle shafts are a direct replacement for the stock parts and they are designed to scrub both unsprung weight and rotational mass, resulting in improved on-track performance. Additional machining further scrubs weight and different sets of cross pin holes allow to use a fresh pair of holes once the actual start to show signs of wear, improving the lifespan of the parts.

The weight is only 5.6g, less 10.6g over the original part (for pair).

Code part: PA0194A

BMT 016GT Nickel-plated aluminium clutch bell

BMT 016GT Nickel-plated aluminium clutch bell

Introduced a new Nickel-plated aluminium clutch bell for the 016GT on-road car. The bell weighs in at only 7.2g, sparing a more than 10g over the original part for reduced rotational mass, which equals faster acceleration and thus improved on-track performance.

Code Part: BMT.0610A

New BMT984 Flywheel V2

New BMT984 Flywheel V2

Produced with 7075 aluminium allowing for a lightweight, and a new design for increase acceleration.

Code is PA0226

1 Rnd Italian Championship 1/8 GT UISP Sassuolo

n F1 Category, Andrea Catanzani , took TQ, fast lap, and final victory.
Another big victory for the young BMT driver.

1) Andrea Catanzani (BMT 016)
2) Nicolo Chieti
3) Daniele Stukul