BMT 984 low-friction pulley set & xlong ball joint

BMT have new optional parts for the 984 1/8th on-road car available. First up is a low-friction belt pulley set that uses a newly formulated composite material which creates a super-smooth surface for a more efficient drivetrain and overall upped performance. As the material is softer than the standard parts the wear rate is slightly higher. Included in the set are all drivetrain pulleys including the front spool and rear axle parts. Also new for the 984 is a set of extra long ball cups that come in handy when building longer rear shocks which can be helpful in certain track conditions.

Code parts:

PA0320LF Low-friction pulley set
PA0290 XLong ball joint



Mirko Salemi Joins Team BMT

Mirko Salemi Joins Team BMT.
Mirko will campaign the company’s BMT984 Evo in 2017 at all major events such as the national championship, EFRA GP, the IFMAR Worlds and the ENS.


Novarossi Trophy

Daniele Agostinelli with BMT701 take 2nd position at Novarossi Trophy.
The race was held in 5Colli – Gubbio track

New Optional for BMT701

New Optional for BMT701
PA7161-21 Clutch Pinion Gear 21T
PA7161-23 Clutch Pinion Gear 23T
PA7162-15 Clutch Pinion Gear 15T
PA7162-16 Clutch Pinion Gear 16T


New Tools BMT

New Tools BMT
1) Set Hexagon Wrench Set 1.5/2.0/2.5/3.0mm RS Handle
2) 8.0mm, 10mm Dual Socket Wrench & 5.0mm Hexagon Wrench
3) Turnbuckle Tools set M3, M4 & M5




New Optional for BMT984 & BMT701

New Optional for #BMT984 & #BMT701
BMT have introduced new optional damper piston with 1, 3, 4, and 6 hole.
The optional damper piston allow for finer adjustment steps.
code parts:
PA0035-1 Shock Piston 1 hole
PA0035-3 Shock Piston 3 hole
PA0035-4 Shock Piston 4 hole
PA0035-6 Shock Piston 6 hole


Mario Spiniello joins BMT

BMT announced the signing Mario Spiniello to their team for the 2017 season as their top driver. The 2016 Italian Champion in the 1/10th scale class as well as runner up at the 2012 European Championships, have plans to attend at all major 1/10th on-road events, such as the national champion, the ENS and the Euros.